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‘Chopped’ Star Chris Santos Shows Off 30-Lb. Weight Loss

‘Chopped’ Star Chris Santos Shows Off 30-Lb. Weight Loss
Chris in April 2017

Chris Santos is opening up about his weight loss journey.

The “Chopped” judge took to Instagram to show before and after photos of himself after dropping 30 pounds! See the pics here.

He told fans he is running his first 5K soon, adding, “I started this journey to a much healthier me on June 20, and so far I’m down 30 pounds! Look for ‘before and after part 2’ when I’ve lost another 15 to 20! Thanks to everyone who have been supporting me and keeping me on track.” Chris added a special thank you his girlfriend Natalie Makenna, calling her "my inspiration."

Santos also spoke to People magazine about his health, explaining, “Over the course of ten years I gained 50 pounds, which is a ton of weight, but if you think about it, it’s five pounds a year, which is less than half a pound a month. It just kind of gradually went on and on and on.”

Chris in October 2018

The chef recently moved to L.A. to oversee restaurant/lounge Beauty & Essex, and said he’s changed his habits.

Chris credits his success to a more plant-based diet and fasting three times per week.

He’s also choosing healthier food options. Instead of burgers or pizza at the end of a long day, he opts for grilled chicken or salmon.

When it comes to fitness, the 47-year-old is making running part of his lifestyle. He said of running 5K races, “I’m going to keep running one every other month for a while until I can do a 10K. I’m not going to sit here and say that my goal is a marathon, but I’m not going to say that it’s not.”