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Simon Cowell Shares His Take on One Direction — Can He Bring Them Back Together?

Simon Cowell Shares His Take on One Direction — Can He Bring Them Back Together?

Only “Extra’s” Terri Seymour was with Simon Cowell at his new $24-million Malibu home, with its gorgeous ocean views!

Simon commented, “I mean, look at it... how can you not be happy when you look at that?”

Cowell is enjoying the home he purchased in December, but he still hasn’t met some of his famous neighbors, like Cher. When Terri asked if he has invited Cher over for a cup of tea, he answered, “No, she hasn't invited me yet. We are literally six houses down.”

Simon is busy working and spending quality time with his girlfriend Lauren and their son, Eric, who rarely misses a taping of his dad’s show. What celebrity is his toddler excited to see? Simon’s responded, “Me. Every day.”

After the interview, Cowell headed back to London to complete the new season of the British version of "The X Factor," which features new judge and former One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson. Rooting for a One Direction reunion, Simon noted, “I mean, why wouldn't you? I really hope it does [happen], but, you know, they've gotta make the decision themselves. But it would be incredible.”

He did manage to bring Ryan Seacrest, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson on the show, dishing, “It actually was like being on 'Idol,' but more fun.”

Cowell is also having fun with “America’s Got Talent” in the States, creating, “America’s Got Talent: The Champions,” hosted by Terry Crews. He said, “It was a show we should've done years ago, if I'm being honest with you, and for whatever reason we didn't… We kept saying, 'Why don't we do a show where previous winners or people who didn't quite win should come back or compete in a much bigger competition?'"

Cowell is still celebrating his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He shared, “I'll tell you something really funny is that there was... someone showed me that there was something to do with, you know, the star ceremony and some local news said, you know, 'Simon Cowell, age 70,' and then it comes back to them and the weatherman's going, 'Yeah, he looks good for his age...' and I was like, 'What?'"

Along with pointing out that he didn’t know if he should take it as a compliment or insult, the 59-year-old commented, “I thought it was hysterical.”

“America’s Got Talent: The Champions” premieres January 7 on NBC.