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Lester Holt Weighs in on Midterm Elections and Megyn Kelly

Lester Holt Weighs in on Midterm Elections and Megyn Kelly

NBC’s Lester Holt is gearing up for coverage of the midterm elections. “Extra” was with the “NBC Nightly News” anchor as he talked about what to expect, and also weighed in on Megyn Kelly’s recent controversy.

“We are preparing for this like a presidential election, interest is so high,” he said of the midterms.

President Trump and former President Obama have both been campaigning, and Holt described it as “kind of the clash of the titans out there right now.”

Many celebrities are lending their names to get people to vote, but does it make a difference? “In genera, it's hard to know if it helps or hurts. When you are dealing with an Oprah Winfrey, it's hard to think it doesn't help because of the level of celebrity she is… I don't know if there is an accurate measure as to if it works, but it certainly helps create an awareness of these campaigns that are happening, they play into the excitement, the enthusiasm of this election.”

Lester is ready to take the anchor chair when NBC kicks off its coverage tomorrow night, “The story will tell you where to go… Until you sit in that chair and the polls start closing, we don’t really know where the night is going to go.”

Holt also weighed in on the fallout at NBC regarding Megyn Kelly, “As news people, we don’t like to read about ourselves,” he said. “There have been, unfortunately, some moments we have had to read about ourselves. Any organization is defined by the ability to move through and pass adversity, and I think we have acquitted ourselves well there. It’s always a learning process. Our programs, all of our flagship programs, are successful. I think number one now for three years and going. We are on a good roll right now, and we’re just looking forward.”