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Charlize Theron Talks Playing Megyn Kelly During NBC Fallout

Charlize Theron Talks Playing Megyn Kelly During NBC Fallout

Last night, only “Extra’s” Renee Bargh was with Charlize Theron at the IndieWire Honor Awards, where she opened up about playing Megyn Kelly in the midst of her fallout with NBC.

Charlize commented, “Listen, people are complicated.”

The 43-year-old pointed out, “Honestly, I think the story broke on day two of shooting, which, at the beginning of production, everything is so insanely crazy. Obviously, we all saw it was happening. It's not what the movie is about.”

The film centers on Megyn’s former Fox News boss Roger Ailes and the sexual harassment scandal that ended his career. Charlize shared, “The film is so isolated to a year and a half or two years right before Ailes was ousted by Rupert Murdoch at Fox and that's really what we're doing… I don't have the time right now, being an on-set producer and acting in this film and having two kids, to have any kind of perspective on it.”

Theron just spent Halloween with her two kids, August and Jackson, who “are crazy about it.” Of their costumes, she dished, “One was a poisonous butterfly. I don't even know what that is. So it was self-creations we had this year.”

Along with letting them do their own thing, Theron emphasized, “That's my job, is to let them be.”

She also has a midterm-election job, taking part in an all-star telethon to get people to vote. She noted, “I feel like we can't complain unless we actually do what we need to do in order to have things changed. I really believe that. And if I can have any part in encouraging people to vote, that would be incredible.”

At the IndieWire Awards, Charlize was honored for her incredible work with the Maverick Award. She confessed, “When I think of 'maverick,' the initial thought I had was I think of 'MacGyver.' So I'm super flattered that anybody thinks I'm — not that that was their connection they made!"