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Kaitlin Doubleday Expecting First Child — See Her Baby Bump!

“Empire” actress Kaitlin Doubleday has a baby on the way!

On Monday, Kaitlin took to Instagram to announce the happy news, writing on Instagram, “Well, I’ve been wearing pretty tents, not partying at weddings 😔, eating everything in sight 🤤, dreaming about 🍣🥪🍷and ADVIL, cleaning out my garage, laying around thinking about how much I love Kathleen Zellner all day, and just thanking the pregnancy Gods that I’m finally not nauseas anymore beeeeccccaaaaauuuuussseeee...I’m growing a f**king human inside my belly!”

The 34-year-old also revealed that she’s having a baby boy with husband Devin Lucien. She shared, “(Although now he really feels more like an incredibly strong fish...maybe even a baby dolphin) and he’ll be here around Valentines Day 2019!”

“Wow, it feels pretty official now that it’s on social media 😮 I can’t believe Im gonna be someone’s mom,” Doublebay emphasized. “Pray for us!”

Kaitlin and Devin tied the knot two years ago.