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Broadcast News Sounds-Off on Megyn Kelly

Broadcast News Sounds-Off on Megyn Kelly

While reports indicate Megyn Kelly may be exiting “Today,” her news colleagues are speaking out about her controversial blackface comments. “Extra’s” AJ Calloway caught up with many of them at the Courage in Journalism Awards in NYC.

Andrea Mitchell, the NBC chief foreign affairs correspondent and anchor, didn’t hold back. She told AJ, “I think her remarks were really inexcusable. There is no way that should be on our air. I’m glad she apologized, though.”

Cynthia McFadden, also an NBC correspondent, added, “It’s impossible to defend the indefensible... It was deeply distressing.”

“CBS This Morning’s” Norah O’Donnell said, “Her comments were outrageous and I think they were ignorant. And to suggest she didn't know the history of blackface is incredibly disappointing.” She continued, “But she has apologized and she did the right thing in apologizing, and we can have a conversation about that now and I hope the conversation continues.”

Calloway was also on the set of “The View” with Kelly’s former Fox News colleague, Abby Huntsman. She said, “I know that Megyn Kelly has a good heart,” saying she thinks Kelly deserves forgiveness. “I think she is a good person... and she wasn't wanting to hurt anybody... and as a society I think we can all better ourselves by learning from each other.”

So far, Kelly and the network have not confirmed her exit.