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Rosie O’Donnell Confirms Engagement to Elizabeth Rooney

Rosie O’Donnell Confirms Engagement to Elizabeth Rooney

Monday night, “Extra’s” AJ Calloway spoke with Rosie O’Donnell as she celebrated 15 years of her organization Rosie’s Theater Kids at a gala in New York City.

Rosie, who has been dating police officer Elizabeth Rooney, confirmed they are engaged. She shared, “It happened a while ago and everybody found out now. She is a wonderful woman, Elizabeth Rooney. She is a police officer in Worcester, she is in the mounted unit.”

The pair met at one of Rosie’s Theater Kids events. She revealed, “I thought she was P!nk ‘cause she had very short hair at the time... after she came over, she was like, ‘Were you staring at me?’ and I’m like, ‘Yes. Why are you impersonating P!nk? What is going on?’ And that was the beginning, and here we are all this time later.”

Rosie was with two of her children at the event. As for how they’re doing, she revealed, “They are doing good. My son is in the Marines training in California, my little baby is in kindergarten, Chelsea is about to have a baby, and Vivi and Blake are doing great, they are here with me.”

On a professional note, does Rosie ever think about doing another talk show? She answered, “I do think about it, in terms of bringing people together.”

O’Donnell expressed a desire to talk about how folks are dealing with life with President Trump in the White House. She argued, “Not all these shows talk about how it feels to be a citizen in this country, and watch your President ruining all the norms of the presidency while you’re sitting at home, it feels really awful.”

Rosie recently co-hosted on “The Talk,” but noted it may not be the right fit. She explained, “It’s a great show, and they all do really well on ‘The Talk.’ It was the day of the Ford hearings and we didn’t talk about it, so it was hard for me.”

As for her organization, she said, “It’s been a wonderful journey and I’m happy it continues. Hopefully, we go another 15 after this.”

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