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Elle King Opens Up About Secret Marriage, and Why It ‘Crashed and Burned’

Elle King Opens Up About Secret Marriage, and Why It ‘Crashed and Burned’

Singer Elle King is looking back at her secret marriage to Andrew Ferguson and why the relationship didn’t last.

King and Ferguson tied the knot in February 2016, just three weeks after they met. She told People that at the time she was “searching for any kind of connection and realness.”

“When I love, I love very hard,” the 29-year-old explained, adding, “We were two young, crazy people.”

Reflecting on the experience, Elle said, “We got married three weeks to the day after we met — and you don’t know a person after three weeks. I didn’t know him, and he didn’t know me. It was a crazy time.”

King, the daughter of Rob Schneider and London King, said “nobody knew” about the nuptials. “I thought my mom would f**king kill me.”

She eventually shared the marriage news on Instagram in May 2017 as she revealed that they were separating.

Elle told People, “It crashed and burned, but when we got married, it was out of absolute, sheer love. But eloping is now out of my system.”

The Grammy nominee, who is dropping her sophomore album “Shake the Spirit” on Friday, said she is still open to love and called herself “a romantic.”

“I still, of course, believe in love. Totally,” she said. “And I think that having that kind of belief and faith is what will bring goodness into your life.”

“Extra” special correspondent Alecia Davis caught up with Elle at the CMT Artists of the Year celebration, and Elle said making her album was “very therapeutic.”

“When I play music I’m the best version of myself so that kept me going. Time heals all wounds. I killed a lot of time and made a good record.”

She also touched on her ability to be vulnerable in the public eye, saying, “I think it is important… There is a lot of strength and beauty in vulnerability.”