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Michael Bublé Takes on Retirement Rumors

Michael Bublé Takes on Retirement Rumors

Singer Michael Bublé is getting ready to release new music... and it will not be his last!

Along with promoting his new album, Bublé also spoke to “Extra’s” Tanika Ray about the retirement headlines that shocked his fans this past weekend.

Rumors ran rampant when an article claimed Bublé was retiring from music after releasing his next album, a decision the piece attributed to the life-changing experience the singer went through when his 5-year-old son battled cancer.

Setting the record straight with “Extra” once and for all, Michael said, “You know what you should say?... 'Consider the source, consider the source.' It’s a tabloid. Of course it’s not true.”

Michael also gave an update on his family, saying, "My kids are good. Everybody's healthy."

Bublé’s album “Love” will be available November 16.