‘American Idol’ Judges Dish on Season 2 — Have They Found Any Stars?

‘American Idol’ Judges Dish on Season 2 — Have They Found Any Stars?

It’s back to work for Ryan Seacrest, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan on Season 2 of “American Idol.”

“Extra” was on location as they searched for the next “idol” in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. The judges were mesmerized by the beauty of Coeur D’Alene and the breathtaking lake, with Lionel commenting, “I am a little suspicious of air I cannot see… It’s so fresh up here.”

Katy added, “It’s crisp... It's just absolutely stunning, it’s so peaceful."

Lionel continued, “I took a deep breath and I almost choked to death, it’s really fantastic."

Luke tried to get the gang to go fishing, sharing, “When I would play Spokane, I would get up and fish the Coeur D’Alene River.”

The three are looking for talent across the country and listening to their stories. Luke explained, “The thing about ‘America Idol’ is it brings in the whole American element, brings in the whole, the struggles of the youth of this country, we hear of…”

Katy noted, “People sleep in cars.”

Luke went on, “People sleep in cars, depression, anxiety, the challenges of the world and we have to critique these kids.”

Lionel said, “And encourage at the same time, it’s tough.”

Ryan gave his take on how tough the judges are, saying, “I would say Lionel’s probably the chief of diplomacy on the panel, they’re very nice about it but Katy’s very direct, Luke can be direct, too, but with a hug.”

As for whether they have found any stars in Idaho, Katy revealed, “I wrote star, question mark maybe twice.”

Luke dished, “Today has been exciting.”

Lionel chimed in, “The word we’re gonna use right now is potential, we’ve got great potential.”

See the potential when “American Idol” returns next year on ABC.