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Surprise! HGTV Star Leanne Ford Pregnant with First Child

Surprise! HGTV Star Leanne Ford Pregnant with First Child

“Restored by the Fords” star Leanne Ford has a baby on the way with husband Erik!

Ford told People magazine that they are expecting a baby girl, who is due in mid-March.

The 37-year-old revealed that she got “teary-eyed” after learning she was pregnant with a girl. She explained, “Since I was little, I thought if I ever had children, they would be boys, so when the sonogram woman told us it’s a little girl, we both got teary-eyed. I was like, ‘Actually, that feels very right.'”

Of her reaction to the pregnancy, “I was really surprised and instantaneously happy, so that felt really amazing because I wasn’t expecting it.”

“Erik is the reason I wanted to have children, because of us,” she added. “Before that… I was just trekking along in my little career, happy as could be and then you said one time… he said, ‘We have too much love not to share it.’ Do you remember that? I was like, ‘I hear that.’ It’s funny, somebody just changes your mind. You think you’ve got your whole life figured out, think you have your path figured out, and something comes and just changes your mind.”

Of their future family, Erik commented, “Yeah, neither of us ever envisioned having children. When you see your future ahead of you, that wasn’t an image that we saw, and now it’s here.”