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Tracee Ellis Praises Taylor Swift for Sharing Her Political Views

Tracee Ellis Praises Taylor Swift for Sharing Her Political Views

“Black-ish” star Tracee Ellis Ross is back as the host of the 2018 American Music Awards!

On Monday, “Extra’s” Tanika Ray spoke with Ellis while she prepped for the show, which airs Tuesday.

Tracee said she is excited to see Taylor Swift, who is set to open the show with a highly anticipated performance. Ross praised Swift, who recently declared her support for two Democratic nominees in her home state of Tennessee and slammed Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn. Ross said of Taylor's Instagram post, "I thought it was really beautiful and wonderful and needed.”

While she doesn’t know Taylor, Tracee plans to greet the hitmaker warmly, commenting, “I'm gonna wrap my little arms around her when I meet her.”

Ellis also opened up on her recent comments about being happily single at age 45 and why she feels it’s important to share. She explained, “Well, because our culture tells us I shouldn't be, so at least and I think that's changing and I think that's part of the reason that I speak up about it because that is shifting.”

The actress is not afraid to speak her mind, emphasizing, “This is a time as an outspoken woman that using my voice for these sort of top-line issues is important.”

“It’s scary to use your voice,” Tracee admitted. “What I have discovered, when you have a sisterhood and a tribe around you, is that they can actually hold you for the inside journey of what that experience is, and still help you move forward, and also people ahead of you that have done that before.”

Of her choice to be outspoken, Ellis said, “Everybody has a different version that feels comfortable for them… For me, the fight for equality and freedom is just as much about my own personal freedom. If something is such a big step that it makes me want to get smaller, then it’s not the right step.”

As for the big show, Tracee is getting ready for a lot of wardrobe changes. She noted, “I might beat last year, but I’m not totally sure… I am going to be featuring black designers throughout the show.”

Will she speak out about the state of our country during the show? She teased, “I think my opening speaks for itself — listen to the words.”