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Why Stormy Daniels Wrote Her New Memoir, Plus: Her Fears

Why Stormy Daniels Wrote Her New Memoir, Plus: Her Fears

Last night, “Extra” caught up with adult film star and author Stormy Daniels at Barnes & Noble at The Grove in Los Angeles, just before the first book signing of her new tell-all, "Full Disclosure."

Daniels, who alleged that she had a sexual liaison with President Donald Trump after meeting him at a golf tournament in 2006, opened up on why she wrote the book. She explained, “I was tired of being silenced… I just got tired of people speaking for me and I wanted people to hear it in my own words.”

Another reason she wrote the book was “for people to realize that I’m not a liar.” Stormy emphasized, “There’s much more to me than 90 seconds in a hotel room over a decade ago and just that I can’t be bullied and hopefully someone will read by book and be inspired to come forward with their own stories.”

When asked how much detail the book reveals about her alleged relationship with Donald Trump, Stormy teased, “Too much detail! Let’s just say that I gave every single detail that I could remember and I have a photographic memory.”

Does Daniels regret the time she spent with Trump? The 39-year-old revealed, “No, I go back and forth sometimes, but ultimately in the end, I have no regrets in my life.”

Of her notoriety and fearing for her life, Stormy said, “It’s very surreal. There are some things that are very scary, obviously. In the beginning I was more afraid, but I kind of have adopted the idea hiding out in the open and in case you didn’t notice I have two very large men who are my shadows at all times.”

On Tuesday, she appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” where Jimmy presented her with a tray of different-sized mushrooms and asked her which one best represented the Trump's private parts. She laughed, saying, “I knew something was coming, and I actually thought I was a genius because 15 minutes before the show, I made my assistant and makeup artist run to the store to buy mushrooms and I was going to put one in my bra in case he tried the carrot trick, but alas, he outwitted me! That’s why I had to spank him!”

“Full Disclosure” is in bookstores now.