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Kim Kardashian’s Former Bodyguard Faces $6.1-Million Lawsuit

Kim Kardashian’s Former Bodyguard Faces $6.1-Million Lawsuit

Two years after her traumatizing robbery in Paris, reality star Kim Kardashian’s insurance company AIG is suing her former bodyguard Pascal Duvier and the company for which he worked.

In court documents obtained by “Extra,” Kardashian’s insurance company is asking for $6.1 million, which is the amount they paid for her stolen jewelry.

The lawsuit claims Duvier “failed to address and/or correct these various security breaches” to ensure Kim’s safety and safety of her personal property, making it possible for the robbery to happen.

To argue their case, AIG noted that the front gate to the hotel courtyard was missing a lock, the intercom to the door separating the courtyard and concierge’s desk was not working, and the concierge didn’t have any security training in the papers.

Kim’s insurance company is not suing the concierge, who was held at gunpoint and forced to take the gunmen to Kim’s apartment. The hotel is also not part of the lawsuit.