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Blake Shelton’s Epic Response to Passing the Torch to People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2018

Blake Shelton’s Epic Response to Passing the Torch to People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2018

“Extra” correspondent Mark Wright spoke exclusively to country music superstar Blake Shelton at Billy Bob’s Texas, where he treated the crowd to a special pop-up performance.

Nearly a year ago, Blake was crowned People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” but did it boost his ego? Blake laughed, saying, “I think my reign is almost over… I remember it was right around Thanksgiving that that came out, so I guess whoever the new person is is about to take over and I’ll go back to being disgusting and ugly!”

Blake is in his 15th season as a coach on NBC’s “The Voice,” remaining competitive with his fellow coaches, included Kelly Clarkson, who won out last season with her singer Brynn Cartelli. How does Blake plan on winning this year? He joked, “Everyone knows that that’s my show! I own that show. I write the script and I decided last year that I was going to write into the script that Kelly could win! She was new and we wanted her to feel that she was welcome and that she’s a good coach, but deep down in my heart, Kelly Clarkson is the worst coach we’ve ever had in 15 seasons on ‘The Voice.’ She’s a great person, I love her, she’s like a sister to me — she’s a horrible coach! She just got lucky! She’s lucky — that’s all!”

Of new coach John Legend, who will be joining the show next year, Blake shared, “I think I’ve met John Legend maybe a couple of times at different industry events. I don’t know him well, so I’m excited to see what he’s like in a competitive atmosphere like that.”

During his appearance, Blake also unveiled Smithworks Vodka to the state for the first time. He emphasized, “We’ve been working on a plan to get Smithworks in Texas for a while. We knew if we could break it in Texas and people tried it, they were going to fall in love with it.”