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Why Michael Bublé Didn’t Anticipate Releasing His New Album

Why Michael Bublé Didn’t Anticipate Releasing His New Album

Two years after his son Noah’s cancer battle, singer Michael Bublé is releasing a brand-new album, entitled “❤️.”

Bublé said in a statement, “I didn’t anticipate returning to recording or performing and I was fine with that. My entire world view has changed completely these last few years. I wanted to spend all my time with my wife and kids. That was my focus.”

“During that time, I also learned how much love and humanity is out in the world from the prayers and good wishes we received. But slowly, along with understanding what my priorities in life are, I began to feel a new commitment to express the emotions and lessons I’ve embraced. Whether I am the narrator, the observer, the main character, the dreamer, the broken hearted guy at a bar or having the night of a lifetime, I have stories to tell on this record. It’s all there in the songs,” Michael continued. “I have had so many blessings in life and one of them is that I hold the torch to keep these songs alive for generations to come. I take the responsibility very seriously. My end game for the new record was to create a series of short cinematic stories for each song I chose and have it stand on its own. I’m so proud of what we accomplished.”

Michael co-produced the album, which features his renditions of classics like “When I Fall in Love,” “My Funny Valentine,” “Unforgettable,” and “When You’re Smiling.”

His album is available for pre-order now. It drops on November 16.