Mandy Moore Reveals Why the New Season of ‘This Is Us’ Is Bittersweet

Mandy Moore Reveals Why the New Season of ‘This Is Us’ Is Bittersweet

“Extra” caught up with Mandy Moore as she celebrated her Dujour magazine cover with publisher Jason Binn, and got a little scoop on the new season of “This Is Us”!

Fans will learn a lot more about Jack and Rebecca when the new season premieres tonight on NBC. Mandy shared at TAO Downtown in NYC, “It's pretty bittersweet to dive into the beginnings of Jack and Rebecca. It's fun on a purely selfish level because it's the most fun hair, makeup and wardrobe, and getting to be young and in love, but knowing where things ultimately end up… that's where the bittersweet factor comes in.”

Moore added that fans will get all the feels, “There's all of the feels, all of the regular feels," she went on. “My character can bring more of the lightness and levity because last year it was more tragic on the family storyline I was shepherding, and I get a reprieve from that.”

Moore also talked about her recently released screen test with TV husband Milo Ventimiglia, “I sat down next to him. He was already in the room, I was the actor getting called in. I felt really good about it, but you can never know. You can leave a situation and go, ‘I really nailed that,' but it is so out of your control. But I was still just as surprised to get the call that I got it.”

As for her photo shoot for Dujour, she said, “I’m very happy with the photos. It's a weird thing to say about yourself. I had a fun time at the shoot. I love that this magazine in particular allowed me to have fun in a more fashion-focused sense.”