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Bradley Cooper Sings to Baby Girl Lea & GF Irina Shayk

Bradley Cooper Sings to Baby Girl Lea & GF Irina Shayk

Monday was the premiere of Bradley Cooper's highly anticipated directorial debut, “A Star Is Born,” in which he also stars, and “Extra’s” Renee Bargh spoke with him on the carpet!

Cooper discussed his hopes for the remake, which centers on an aging musician who helps an up-and-coming singer-songwriter with her shot at fame, and also addressed his singing in the film.

Has the movie inspired him to sing to his daughter Lea and girlfriend Irina Shayk at home? He responded, “I do sing.”

Cooper credits his superstar co-star, Lady Gaga, with encouraging him to sing live in the movie. He shared, “The initial inspiration of courage came from Lady Gaga, the fact that she believed in me... the first time we met. That really gave me the courage to work as hard as I did.”

The movie is already getting rave reviews. Bradley said, “I'm just grateful — tonight’s a big night for us, to be here at the Shrine where we shot a lot of the movie, and the Judy Garland [version] was shot here.”

Though Bradley, Gaga, and the movie are also getting Oscar buzz, his focus is not on awards. "I hope when we open the movie, people go see it," he said.

“A Star Is Born” is in theaters October 5.