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Hugh Jackman Opens Up on His 'Nervous' Meeting with Gary Hart, Plus: His 50th Birthday Plans

Hugh Jackman Opens Up on His 'Nervous' Meeting with Gary Hart, Plus: His 50th Birthday Plans

Actor Hugh Jackman is taking on politics on the big screen!

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway spoke with Jackson about his film “The Front Runner,” which has him playing Gary Hart, who many believed was headed for the White House in 1988 until accusations of extramarital affairs derailed his campaign for the Democratic nomination.

Of his thoughts on Hart’s run for office, Jackson commented, “He would have had a lot to offer to public life, and it’s a shame it was cut short.”

Jackman met Hart in Colorado, which he said was an “amazing” experience. He admitted, “I was nervous about it; I’ve never played someone who is alive.”

After AJ mentioned Wolverine, Hugh joked, “Apart from Wolverine of course… I tried to stay mysterious about that one ,'cause people are really not believing.”

His co-star J.K. Simmons clarified, “Some people.”

On a serious note, Hugh described Hart, saying, “He had a warmth to him and of course all that enigma, that mercurial insight with charm, is there. He is super sharp and makes a mean martini, AJ… I’m just saying, if you get an opportunity.”

In the movie, Simmons plays Hart’s campaign manager, Bill Dixon, who he describes as “just a real salt-of-the-earth, principled guy.”

Hugh pointed out that Gary was the same way as Bill, arguing it is why he quit when reporters started questioning him about an affair with Donna Rice. “He strongly believed if he started answering questions like this, if he started opening up, that would actually denigrate the process for the future," Jackman said.

Does Jackman see politics in his own future? He smirked, replying, “Any job where you sign up and half the population hates you on the day you apply, I’m like, 'I’m out.'”

Hugh is about to celebrate his 50th birthday next month — what does his wife Deborra-lee and their kids have in store for him? He answered, “If Deb had her way… the entire city of New York would be coming to a party.”

J.K. smiled, sharing, “You’re talking as though she’s not gonna have her way.”

Hugh quipped, “So the entire New York City is coming, and if you’re watching this and you’re not invited, I’m sorry, because everyone else is coming.”

“The Front Runner” is in theaters November 6.