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Robert Redford Speaks Out on His Retirement

Robert Redford Speaks Out on His Retirement

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway caught up with Robert Redford at the premiere of his film “The Old Man and the Gun.”

Redford opened up about his retirement from acting, saying, “I think that was a mistake that I ever brought that up, that’s something you can’t talk about it, you just slip away from…You can slip away from that, it’s been a long career, I am very proud of it, but I shouldn’t have mentioned that.”

What will he do next? Redford said, “I will move now into directing and producing.” His next directing project is “109 East Palace.”

As for his role as a real life bank robber in “The Old Man and the Gun,” he said he was drawn to, “The story of the character, the fact that it was true.”

“The Old Man and the Gun” opens in L.A. and NYC on Sept. 28 and goes wide on Oct. 5.

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