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Proud Husband! Alec Baldwin on Irresistible Wife Hilaria

Proud Husband! Alec Baldwin on Irresistible Wife Hilaria

It was date night for Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria!

"Extra’s” Mario Lopez was with the couple on the Emmys red carpet, their first cross-country trip since welcoming their youngest son, Romeo.

Alec was a proud husband, commenting, “When I come to these things, I am invisible — they take her picture, they interview her, and are like, ‘Oh, Alec, you are on "SNL" again, that’s great.'”

Romeo turned 4 months old today! Hilaria pointed out thata he has dimples just like Mario's.

Alec had fun with Mario, who is sporting a medical boot after ACL surgery. Alec asked, “How do you tear your Achilles tendon, regular boxing? You gotta be really bad at it.” He added, “The whole crew is laughing.”

Hilaria complimented Mario’s look, saying, “Shorts, that’s super cool.” Alec asked the cameras to “pan down” so everyone could see Mario’s outfit.

Baldwin is getting ready to show off his interviewing skills with a talk show on ABC. He shared, "We are going to do some shows the end of this month in New York — end of September, early October. They're gonna put it on the air like any other TV show. We hope it does well, 'cause I like the format… It’s a format I like and I get to stay home with my family.”

“Next, I will be doing weather on ABC,” the multi-talented Baldwin joked.

Alec also picked a question from our mystery bowl, revealing his biggest temptation that he can’t resist. Gesturing to Hilaria, he said, “I’m sorry, that was cheap, but it was honest.” Watch!