Is Julie Chen Leaving ‘The Talk’?

Is Julie Chen Leaving ‘The Talk’?

Rumors are swirling about Julie Chen’s departure from “The Talk.”

Chen has been absent from the show since husband Les Moonves left CBS. Last week, she announced that she would be “taking a few days off from ‘The Talk’ to be with my family.”

A source told Page Six, “She is definitely leaving ‘The Talk’ and will 100 percent stay with Les.”

“When she’ll depart the show is unclear. It could be this week, or she could do it after ‘Big Brother,’ but she will be leaving. I wouldn’t be surprised if [CBS] asked her not to come back,” the insider continued.

According to CNN, Chen will be stepping down in a videotaped message on Tuesday’s episode. A source said, “She has decided that her main focus needs to be clearing her husband's name from accusations made 25-30 years ago and tending to her son.”

On Thursday, Chen returned to television on the latest episode of “Big Brother.” While signing off, she showed her support for Moonves, saying, “From outside the ‘Big Brother’ house… I’m Julie Chen Moonves. Good night.”

Julie also tweeted a pic of her hands holding "Big Brother" cards. Her wedding ring was visible in the photo.

“Extra” has reached out to CBS for comment, but has not yet received a response.

Chen has not yet commented on the rumors that she is leaving “The Talk.”