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Brigitte Nielsen Gushes Over Baby Frida: ‘I’m the Happiest Mother'

Brigitte Nielsen Gushes Over Baby Frida: ‘I’m the Happiest Mother'

Actress Brigitte Nielsen is opening up about welcoming her fifth child, at age 54!

The actress, now 55, stopped by Universal Studios Hollywood, where she gushed to “Extra’s” Tanika Ray about her daughter Frida, who was born in June.

“I have the most beautiful baby. She’s two and a half months old, her name is Frida and I’m the happiest mother. I’m probably the happiest I’ve ever been,” she said.

Brigitte welcomed Frida with her Italian husband of 12 years, Mattia. The Danish model said she knew not everyone would be happy about her decision to have a baby later in life. “I want to say to the people out there that don’t understand, ‘I accept that,'" she said. Her message now is, “It’s my life and when you are in love and you have a wonderful marriage, relationship, the most natural thing you would love is to give that love to a child, so that’s what we chose to do.”

How did her four sons react? “They said, ‘Mom are you kidding? What? Are you joking? You’re joking!’… I said no and then they said, ‘Oh, my God, we’re having a princess sister.’”

Before the "princess" was born, Brigitte went through 11 years of IVF treatments, “My husband has been with me through thick and thin.”