Tricks Up Her Sleeve? ‘Extra’ Exclusive: Jennifer Lopez Teases Final Show of Las Vegas Residency

Only “Extra” with the hardest working woman in showbiz, Jennifer Lopez!

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh sat down with Lopez in Las Vegas as she gets ready to close out her residency “Jennifer Lopez: All I Have.” Lopez is ending her run at the end of the month, saying, “You know, it really feels like an event that is coming to an end for us. I mean, it's three years. It was a three-year run. I've never signed on to do anything 'years' in my life… It has a lot of emotions about it, but mostly I feel really happy because I feel like we made our mark here, like we did this show and I'm really proud of everybody.”

Lopez also opened up on her biggest fan and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, who attends the show if “he can be here.”

A-Rod knows her show really well, too! She commented, “Oh, yeah… He loves to dance. If you’re not following @ARod on Instagram, you’re missing out. He loves to post and he loves to dance — he’s just goofy.”

Will we see him up onstage before the last show? J.Lo played coy, saying, “We'll see. I don't know. No, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve… we're still planning a bunch of stuff.”

Rodriguez’s favorite number from the show is “Jenny from the Block.” Jennifer explained, “I think he likes when the big Yankee hats come out, probably... like the first time he came to the show, he was like, 'Did you do that for me?' I was like, 'No, it has been in the show.'”

The Hollywood It couple recently enjoyed some R&R with their “very fun” Italian vacation.

It was her first chance to take time off in a long while. She admitted, “It was a much-needed and really rejuvenating. It was fun! We went to Italy. I mean, it was only for six days. We made the most of it.”

Jennifer and Alex even made time to work out during their vacation. She emphasized, “It makes us feel good.”

Aside from working out, they also ate a lot. She pointed out, “That’s all we did the rest of the day.”

Jennifer’s residency runs through September 29 at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.