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Julia Roberts on Trying New Things: Her First TV Series, Joining Instagram

Julia Roberts on Trying New Things: Her First TV Series, Joining Instagram
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Julia Roberts dazzled at the Toronto Film Festival, where she was promoting both the addiction drama "Ben Is Back" and her first-ever TV series at the prestigious annual event.

Roberts spoke with “Extra’s” Jerry Penacoli about the series, "Homecoming," which is set to premiere on Amazon November 2, and also about joining Instagram!

The film icon looked amazing in a Givenchy jumpsuit as she debuted “Homecoming."

Roberts, beaming, said he was happy to be a series regular for the first time. “Yeah... I wanted an introducing credit," she joked. "Wouldn't that have been cute? 'And introducing... Julia Roberts.'”

On "Homecoming," Roberts plays a case worker at a secret government facility helping vets returning from war adjust to civilian life. She summed up the experience by acknowledging, “It sure was my joy to participate in it.”

The Oscar winner, known as a private person, explained why she took the plunge and joined Instagram, saying, “I do appreciate the platform. It's kind of fascinating. I love it to keep up with friends and see where they are... I'm so glad that I joined Instagram because as a mother of teenagers, it's very educational... I have a lot about myself and I'm 50! I can't imagine if I were 15!”

Sharing personal moments between herself and her husband Danny Moder, she said, “Well, you know what? He's an awesome human being. We have so much fun... I said to him — we were lying in bed — I go to him, 'Can I post this picture?' 'Cause that's a weird question. New to my lexicon. And he was like, 'Okay.'"