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Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas Gush About Their Kids Growing Up

Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas Gush About Their Kids Growing Up

It was a family night out for Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas and their daughter Carys Zeta Douglas as they appeared at Town & Country’s 2018 New Modern Swans Celebration.

The family — minus son Dylan, who is off to college — spoke with “Extra" at the event.

Catherine posted the emotional moment her son went away to school on Instagram, and Michael told us, “Carys came with us, too. It was wonderful. It's clearly a rite of passage, you know, it's that moment where you wave goodbye and you look at each other and he's not coming home with us."

Of her older brother, Carys said, “He's my best friend, so, I mean, like, we're very, very close. It was really difficult for me, but I'm so excited for him and I know he's going to have a great time in college so I couldn't be happier for him.”

Catherine added, “Carys was videoing herself crying, like, enjoying the whole experience like it was some audition or something. It was very funny, but Carys said they are so incredibly close. I live vicariously through him. I never went to college; I was working and I kind of always wanted that life and that opportunity, that camaraderie and the love and joy of learning, and to see that happen for him — it's really exciting. [Carys’] right behind. She's already been thinking about college.”

As for what she wants to do for an occupation, Carys revealed she wants to be a doctor or an actor, which even surprised her father, who commented, “That’s news to me.”

Carys already has experience in Hollywood, posing with her mom for the cover of September’s “Town & Country.” The 15-year-old admitted, “I went in really nervous. I didn't have any idea what to expect, but it was so smooth and it was quick and it was fun and the whole 'Town & Country' team was there and it was sweet and supportive and I had the best experience I could have.”

Michael was a proud dad and husband, gushing, “I married right and I never anticipated I'd see my daughter and wife on ‘Town & Country.' It was pretty cool and I'm very proud of Carys — she's handling herself really well.”

Catherine was also happy to discuss her daughter’s love for fashion, sharing, “She hasn't been on the runway yet, she just always loved fashion she has a very specific idea of fashion and a love of it and it's always so much fun 'cause fashion is like theater, it's an extension of creativity, that she just really enjoys and she loves to go to the shows.”