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John Krasinksi Talks ‘Jack Ryan’ and What Emily Blunt Thinks of His Bulked-Up Bod

John Krasinksi Talks ‘Jack Ryan’ and What Emily Blunt Thinks of His Bulked-Up Bod

Jack Ryan is back!

“Extra’s” Mark Wright was with the stars of the new Amazon Prime's revival "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan" as they premiered the series on the U.S.S. Iowa during Fleet Week. John Krasinski stars as Jack Ryan in the series, which explores how Ryan became a hero. Wendell Pierce plays James Greer, Ryan’s boss at the CIA.

John definitely bulked up for the role. Mark commented, “I can see the pecs popping out.” John joked, “Those are fake. Everything else is real.” He went on to reveal how he got into shape for the part, saying, “I was lucky enough to do a movie called ‘13 Hours’ where I got into transformational shape, and I remember finishing that movie and saying, 'I'd be a moron to lose this,' so I tried to stay in shape and this came about pretty soon after so it was just about staying on the same routine.”

How does his wife Emily Blunt like his new bod? “I'm lucky enough to have a wife that would take me any which way.” If Emily had to choose, what would her preference be? “I don't think she's going to say, ‘I don't like you in shape.’ I don't think she's going to say that.”

John talked about taking on an iconic role played by Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin, Ben Affleck and Chris Pine in the past, saying, “I feel like I was let off the hook… only because it was long-form storytelling. Doing a show over eight episodes and eight hours is a whole lot different than doing a two-hour movie. So we get to dive into all the rich detail in a way they didn't get to do.”

Wendell learned a lot about the CIA for his character, meeting actual CIA officers. “I discovered that the CIA reflects the country. Some of the best and brightest. A lot more diverse — I'll be the first to say it — a lot more diverse than I thought.”

Pierce played Meghan Markle’s dad on “Suits,” and he said he is happy for her new role as real-life royalty. “She is really wonderful," he told "Extra. "I actually didn’t believe it was real, then all of a sudden I turn around and there is this guy from MI-5 [British security service] on set every day… The one thing that was clear, she was extremely happy… She had a glow. I knew she was in love… With the whirlwind of publicity and the world of being a royal now, the one thing that's constant is the fact that I know she loves him.”

"Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” is streaming on Amazon Prime now.

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