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Paris Remembers Dad at Michael Jackson Diamond Celebration: ‘I Love Him Every Day’

Paris Remembers Dad at Michael Jackson Diamond Celebration: ‘I Love Him Every Day’

Paris and Prince Michael Jackson gave their dad the ultimate 60th-birthday tribute with a night fit for music royalty.

Family and friends gathered at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas for The Michael Jackson Diamond Celebration, where Jackson's children accepted the posthumous 2018 Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation Legacy Award for Humanitarian Service on his behalf.

On the red carpet, Paris opened up about her dad, saying, “I love him every day and I miss him every day and I feel him every day, so I’m excited to see so many people gather for such a beautiful thing.”

Prince called Michael’s work “magic,” adding, “There is no earthly word to describe the amount of emotion and feeling he put into his art and the impact that it had on this world. It is awe-inspiring.”

Later, when the siblings took the stage to accept the humanitarian award, they paid tribute to their father… by jokingly trying to imitate his famous “moonwalk” dance move. Paris looked gorgeous in a pink dress with a ruffled train paired with sneakers, while Prince wore a red Michael-inspired jacket.


“Extra's” Mark Wright also caught up with Usher, who revealed what inspired him about MJ.

“One thing that really inspired me," Usher reflected, "was to be reminded that I am moving in the right direction, is, 'What you do is not easy, to perform and sing, to dance and actually sing, it’s a talent, it’s a gift, don’t take it for granted.' That stuck with me forever, so I always manage to make it a priority to sing live.”

Gabrielle Union and Vanessa Hudgens said they were honored to be part of the Jacksons' special night.

Union told Mark, “Any time you get to celebrate the King of Pop — he was such a musical genius and a humanitarian — I'm going to jump at the chance.”

Hudgens added, “One of my most memorable moments in life was meeting him. He came to the High School Musical tour in Vegas. So it's neat to be here celebrating him.”