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Hilary Duff Is So Ready for Baby #2, Says BF Matthew Koma Will Be ‘Amazing’ Dad

Hilary Duff Is So Ready for Baby #2, Says BF Matthew Koma Will Be ‘Amazing’ Dad
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Actress Hilary Duff is expecting a baby girl and she couldn’t be more excited!

ExtraTV.com caught up with Duff to talk about a contest for kids called Imagine If, With Jif… but first we had to talk babies.

Hilary is expecting with singer/songwriter boyfriend Matthew Koma, and is also mom to 6-year-old Luca from a previous relationship.

“I’m so excited. I’m ready,” Duff said. "I feel like becoming a mom was something I knew I always wanted in my life and was a natural goal for me to slip into, of course it has its struggles, but it just changed my whole life for the better and I can’t wait to do it again.”

Hilary added, “I’m a master swaddler, and diapers never bothered me, so I’ve got that covered! I have a great partner and I think we are both ready. I’m ready to meet her. I’m ready to not be pregnant anymore.”

This will be Koma’s first child, and Hilary thinks he is going to be an amazing dad. “He’s so sweet and he’s so involved with Luca,” she said.

I win.

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He recently told her, “I’ve got it so good. I got to totally cheat the system by being around you and knowing the kind mom you are and getting to see you and Luca together.”

Duff went on, “He is such a sensitive guy too, he is going to be amazing. We are obviously going to have different ways of doing things, but that is where the growth comes in.”

How does Luca feel about becoming a big brother? He’s warming up to the idea. “I think he’s nervous about the time or attention that will have to be shared, but all of his friends have siblings and he sees their relationships,” she explained. “My sister just had a baby, and we are very close, so he’s been around her a lot and I think he realizes it is not so bad, and he’s getting excited.”

Hilary isn’t going to pressure Luca with big brother duties, but she knows “he is such a sweet kid and such a sensitive, gentle kid, I know he is going to take on the responsibility and be tender and caring with her.”

My sweet sweet boy. Oh the adventures we’ve had 💙

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Baby talk aside, Duff is busy these days helping Jif Peanut Butter and the Boys and Girls Club of America get the word out about the Imagine If, With Jif contest.

Families are encouraged to submit creative, positive and impactful entrepreneurial ideas for the chance to win $15,000 and make their dream a reality.

Hilary told us it was last year’s winner that inspired her to get involved. “The thing that really got me was the contest winner from last year, who was a little girl named Charlotte… she was born with a cleft palate and her idea was to create Stitches Dolls by Charlotte to comfort other kids going in for reconstructive surgeries.”

She continued, “I thought that was so beautiful, her being in touch with her own experience enough to know that there are other kids out there that felt the way that she did and wanted to help ease a scary or intimidating time in a young person’s life.”

While Luca is still too young for a contest like this, Duff has been trying to teach him compassion.

“We are getting into him donating his toys and cleaning out his clothes when they don’t fit him anymore and giving them to people in need… we are constantly doing food drives and toy drives because it is important for him to realize how lucky he is and realize how much need there is in the world, and really learn compassion.”

To learn more about the contest, visit Jif.com/imagine-if.