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‘America’s Got Talent’ Judges Support Mel B

‘America’s Got Talent’ Judges Support Mel B

It’s been an emotional week for “America’s Got Talent” judge Mel B, who revealed she is seeking help for PTSD after dealing with the fallout from her tumultuous relationship with and divorce from Stephen Belafonte.

Tuesday night, “Extra’s” Terri Seymour spoke with the ”AGT” judges, who are rallying behind Mel.

After the live show, Howie Mandel commented, “She knows that we’re all there, we love her, we respect her, we adore her… I know that this young lady with incredible strength and incredible just wherewithal to show up, do her job, be entertaining.”

“She is a great mom and a great friend, a lot of people have a process to bear and go through tough things in life, and when you're on television or [in] the spotlight, she is doing it under a microscope and I think she is handling it well,” Howie continued. “I feel for her. I am so proud of her and I always will be.”

Simon shared, “She’s great, she’s a trooper, she gets on with it and does her job.”

Heidi Klum also showed her support, saying, “We have become really close friends… She’s a great person. Whatever help she needs, I am always there to help her — I always have her back.”

Klum pointed out that Mel B puts on a brave face and does a great job at work.