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Blake Lively on Anna Kendrick & Ryan Reynolds’ Similar Personalities

Blake Lively on Anna Kendrick & Ryan Reynolds’ Similar Personalities

Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick know how to bring the funny to an interview!

While talking to “Extra” about their new movie, “A Simple Favor,” the two showed how much fun they must have had on and off the screen.

Blake pointed out that Anna reminds her of a female version of her husband, Ryan Reynolds. She said, “I get around Anna and I get a little like Pepé Le Pew — hearts start going out of my eyes because they have a similar sense of humor, very acerbic.”

Anna smiled, sharing, “I was so close to getting ‘Deadpool,’ ugh! I was this close! Maybe next time.”

“You can replace him," Blake chimed in. "Lady Deadpool. I’m just saying. Come on, Twitter.”

Anna laughed and noted, “Oh, boy, clickbait is what that just was.”

“A Simple Favor” centers around Stephanie [Kendrick], a mommy vlogger, who seeks to uncover the truth behind her best friend Emily's [Lively] sudden disappearance from their small town. The plot is tightly guarded, but it’s full of twists and turns.

As for why people should see the movie, Anna joked, “I think everyone’s gonna feel very sexy after they see it. The movie’s gonna get you laid,” adding, “I feel like that’s a real marketable angle: 'This movie will get you laid.'”

Blake approved of the tagline, with Anna quipping, “Oh, my God, we are gonna make, like, a billion dollars.”

Blake also revealed what it’s like to play an offbeat character who is not what she seems, saying, “Awesome. So much fun. It’s always much more fun to get to play crazy.”

“A Simple Favor” in theaters September 14.