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Blush-worthy! Scott Eastwood’s X-Rated Sex Confessions

Blush-worthy! Scott Eastwood’s X-Rated Sex Confessions

Hot actor Scott Eastwood is very comfortable with sex!

On his “Live Life Better" podcast, Eastwood shared his views on sex with expert Emily Morse, saying, “Sex is healthy, people.”

“Don’t shame it. Embrace it. Embrace it. Yes, that’s right. We’re talking about everything sex,” Scott reiterated. “How to have healthy sex. How to have some not-so-healthy sex. Dirty sex. More sex. Everyone should be having sex with themselves or with someone else.”

When asked about his current relationship status, the 32-year-old commented that he is “single, dating and having sex, lots of it.”

Scott expressed confidence in his abilities, revealing that he puts the woman first, adding, “I think I usually get a pretty good score card, I do — but I’m a giver.”

On whether he’s having sex with one or multiple people, Eastwood quipped, “It depends on when you ask me.”

As for his sexual experiences in his twenties, Scott revealed, “I felt more sexually advanced than some of the people I was with. I had been down a darker road. Try to reverse-engineer, trying to grow with them, it can be tough.”

Eastwood said he is torn on the subject of monogamy. He said, “I feel both sides of the coin. If I’m in a relationship, sometimes I’m like, ‘God, I don’t want to be in a relationship. I don’t want to be responsible for somebody.’ Then if I’m not in a relationship, then you’re like, ‘Ah, I want to be in a relationship. I want to Netflix and chill.’”