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Dina Manzo Reveals Her Secret Engagement to David Canin

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” alum Dina Manzo is ready to take the next step with millionaire boyfriend David Canin.

Canin popped the question twice to Manzo. She shared with SiriusXM’s “Jeff Lewis Live” on Wednesday, “We’ve always been engaged. We got engaged once, early in our relationship, and then we both realized it was way too early. And then we got engaged again last year.”

“Our life is a honeymoon,” Dina added. “We don’t do a lot of traveling, but we are definitely in the honeymoon phase.”

As for their “small” wedding, Dina revealed that the pubic will “learn about it after” it has happened.

When Jeff noted Dina and David’s “really nice rings,” she said, “We are committed.”

Manzo has been married twice.