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Jennifer Garner Opens Up on Scary Kayaking Trip

Actress Jennifer Garner is kicking butt in her new movie, “Peppermint.”

The actress sat down with “Extra’s Tanika Ray to talk about the movie and her recent Swedish kayak misadventure.

Jennifer and her daughter Violet were rescued from a shipping lane in Stockholm after getting lost on a kayak trip. She said, “I’m a ding-a-ling, I can save myself except that I get so lost,” adding, “I did row us out of trouble, I did row and row for hours and hours, but so did my 12-year-old, she’s a hero.”

Jennifer is mom to Violet, Serafina, and Sam, her three kids with ex Ben Affleck. She pointed out that they don’t pay attention to her work as an actress, saying, “They just want me to come home and be mom.”

While Garner does think it’s important to take them out of Hollywood sometimes, she is happy raising them there. She explained, “I love living in L.A., I don’t roll my eyes about raising kids in L.A. My kids have really kind, excellent role models in their lives. You can create a life for yourself, even in the middle of Hollywood.”

It’s been awhile since Jennifer did an action movie. Why? She shared, “I was pregnant, I was nursing, I was recovering from those things. It took a long time. It’s been a decade before I felt like, ‘You know what, I’m back in my own skin, my kids are in school, I can devote the kind of time to get ready for one of these movies.’”

In "Peppermint," Garner plays a woman who awakens from a coma after surviving a brutal attack that killed her husband and daughter. After the traumatic incident, she transforms herself from citizen to urban guerrilla. The 46-year-old said, “I worked really hard.”

As for her workout secrets, Jennifer revealed, “It’s easy to find, it’s Body by Simone... That was an hour a day and [what] I also did, I boxed.”

“Peppermint” hits theaters September 7.