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Pregnant Reality Star Lyric McHenry’s Mysterious Death: New Speculation About What Happened

Pregnant Reality Star Lyric McHenry’s Mysterious Death: New Speculation About What Happened

There are new details and speculation about what may have led to the tragic death of reality star Lyric McHenry.

News broke on Tuesday that the 26-year-old, who was five months pregnant, was found dead in the Bronx early Tuesday morning.

The New York Daily News reports McHenry’s body was discovered in a pajama top and underwear on a sidewalk above the Major Deegan Expressway. Police sources tell the paper she had a small Ziploc bag of cocaine.

Lyric had posted Instagram photos and videos of herself celebrating her birthday with friends just hours before she died. The party locations were approximately 15 miles from where her body was found.

Police believe her death was an overdose, but there is also speculation of foul play.

Her friend Etienne Maurice, son of singer Sheryl Lee Ralph, told RadarOnline.com that she was last seen leaving a club with a mystery man.

He revealed, “All we know is she left in a white BMW… The driver in the car was a male and it was just her in the car.”

As far as where her body was found, Etienne insisted, “She would never be caught dead in the Bronx.”

Maurice isn’t the only one questioning where she was found. Ardis Irvine, who is neighbor’s with McHenry’s mother Jennifer, told DailyMail.com that the family believes Lyric was left on the sidewalk.

“She didn't die at the place they found her. She didn't live in the Bronx, though she lived in New York… Her knees were all scraped up, so either she was dumped there or she crawled trying to get out of that area and then she passed out.”

Another family friend thinks there is more to the story. “I don't see how you can overdose like that. Why would you be on cocaine when you're pregnant? It doesn't add up. It seems like there's some foul play involved.”

According to DailyMail.com, the family knew McHenry was pregnant, but did not have any knowledge of her possible drug use.

The paper says her mother Jennifer was so upset over her daughter’s death that she had to be taken to a hospital.

McHenry grew up in the L.A. scene. Her father Douglas is a movie director and producer and her mother Jennifer is a stylist to the stars. Lyric was childhood friends with Magic Johnson’s son EJ, and appeared on his reality show “EJNYC.” She also helped produce the short-lived E! show.

Lyric was a Stanford graduate and was most recently working as a freelance writer and producer in New York.