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Reese Witherspoon on Her Epic Ice Cream-Throwing Scene with Meryl Streep

Reese Witherspoon on Her Epic Ice Cream-Throwing Scene with Meryl Streep

Last night, Reese Witherspoon was all smiles in a Monique Lhuillier butterfly dress as she premiered her latest venture, her media company Hello Sunshine’s VOD channel and show “Shine on with Reese” in Hollywood.

Reese dished on working with the remarkable Meryl Streep on Season 2 of her hit HBO series “Pretty Little Lies" after being caught on camera throwing ice cream at the Oscar winner, who didn't retaliate. She said, “I didn't even know that there were paparazzi taking pictures... I was just so excited and in the moment and then Mindy Kaling texted me and she's like, ‘What is this and why are you throwing an ice cream at Meryl?’… And I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh.’”

Reese gushed about Meryl, saying, “She's just... so funny, so relatable, so real, and tells the greatest stories… And she just folded right into our family… We get along, we all go have dinner all the time and, like, drink some wine.”

As for raising her three kids, her oldest, Ava, just graduated high school! She said, “Oh, it's just, you know, ready for the next stage and it's exciting as a mom... It's sort of a mixed bag, you know? A little sad, a little happy, but I'm excited for her.”

She is also excited to bring conversations with powerful women to the world with "Shine on with Reese." Witherspoon commented, “Yeah, it was really fun and I was nervous, too, calling people going, 'Will you do this?'… I mean, it’s a big deal to ask Dolly Parton if you can come and then she was like, 'Sure, come on over to my house,' and I was like, 'Your house? Really?'”

“I have so much respect for these women, and I was so excited to show a little piece of what our real conversations are like,” Reese added.

Watch "Shine On with Reese" on DirecTV Now.