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Why Jessie James Decker Was Mommy Shamed for Latest Instagram

On Thursday, reality star Jessie James Decker faced some backlash after posting a pic of herself breastfeeding her baby boy Forrest Bradley.

While breastfeeding her son, Decker held a glass of what appeared to be wine in her hand. She captioned the pic, “Cheers b**ches.”

In response to the photo, one Instagram user wrote, “You and your baby are beautiful!!!! I hope that’s not alcohol while you feeding that precious gift…”

Another user said, “That baby gonna be wasted cause you sippin on that drank.”

Some moms did come to her defense, though, with one writing, “Love it!!! I just learned that it’s totally fine to drink while breastfeeding!!”

Decker replied to the comment, “it is for sure."

Another mom commented, “People give me sh– for having a drink and breastfeeding… my pediatrician told me it was perfectly fine just don’t get hammered lol.”