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Khloé Kardashian on Raising True in L.A., Plus: Her Precious Time in Cleveland

Reality star Khloé Kardashian is showing us all how to bounce back after baby!

“Extra’s” Mark Wright spoke with Khloé as she gets ready to expand her Good American clothing line, adding a performance line with partner Emma Gerde.

On the day of our exclusive interview, Khloé took to social media to share that it was her first day back to work. Her maternity leave did not stop her from working out and working on the line when she was in Cleveland. She said, “I still started working out and, you know, Emma would send me boxes of product that I would try on… Living through it while my weight is really fluctuating, for me, that was helpful 'cause a year ago I was hoping my body wouldn’t fluctuate... This couldn’t have happened at a better time.”

The new mom has lost 33 lbs. since welcoming her baby girl True with NBA star Tristan Thompson. She pointed out, “Fitness has really been a huge part of my life, of getting my whole life together, actually, and especially after having a baby, my fitness journey is a huge part of my life. It’s a struggle and it’s so much more challenging than I expected it to be.”

Khloé is living in L.A. again full time, explaining that surrounding her baby with her family is important. She emphasized, “So crucial, it is, but I will say I really appreciate having... two months in Cleveland; I loved having the two months alone with me and my baby getting that one-on-one time, 'cause I love my family, but anyone’s family can get very overwhelming and everyone has something to say this or that, so I loved that ‘us time’… and then coming back home the first week was super overwhelming, but great. I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, I’m not used to this many people around me all the time!'"

Things have settled down, though! Khloé said, "But it’s awesome and now all the cousins are in music class together. I love that we have the routine — Kylie’s baby and Kim’s baby, like, they’re so close in age… it’s so awesome.”

Months after True’s arrival, the 34-year-old is already looking great in a bikini. After sister Kendall posted a bikini shot of her, Khloé quipped, “Who doesn’t get photo approval?” She went on to say, “I looked great, but it was all because she knows her modeling angles. That’s not how I look, first of all. I’m in a two-piece trying to get a little bit of sun — don’t screw with a woman in a two-piece trying to get a little bit of sun.”

As for what inspired her performance line from Good American, Kardashian said, “Well, honestly, our performance line is really a natural progression for us.” Emma added, “We spent a long time working on this line… It’s really made so you can go and work out, but we're girls, we want to 'look cute,' as they say in L.A.”

For more on her line, visit GoodAmerican.com!