‘Monster’ Moment! Bebe Rexha Reveals When She Knew She'd Made It in Music

‘Monster’ Moment! Bebe Rexha Reveals When She Knew She'd Made It in Music

Bebe Rexha is taking over the music charts!

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway spoke with Rexha, who was celebrating Pepsi’s partnership with Madison Square Garden.

Rexha is topping the charts with her hit "Meant to Be" with Florida Georgia Line. She said, “It was honestly so unexpected, and I think the best things in life are... I grew up on dance music… to have a pop country song was like, ‘Whoa.’”

The song is on its way to breaking a record! "Thirty-five weeks on the country charts," Bebe noted, "and if we are number one for another week, it will be the longest-reigning country song of all time — all time!”

While she didn’t know who Florida Georgia Line was when she first went to collaborate with them, she revealed, “I walked in and I was so nervous… My manager was like, 'Just go in to the session with them and write.' We worked for a couple hours and wrote ‘Meant to Be.' That was amazing.”

As for when she knew she'd made it in the music industry, Bebe answered, “We wrote ‘The Monster’… When Eminem wanted it and it came out, I knew that things would change drastically. That’s the moment people take you serious in the music business… 'The Monster' definitely changed my life.”

The native New Yorker, who will turn 29 next month, has a lot to celebrate, including buying her first home! Bebe said, “Hollywood Hills, a dream come true… And I got a pool, too! We never had a pool growing up… My parents are like, 'We finally have a pool.'"

Bebe is also happy to be working with Pepsi since she has fond memories of the brand. She commented, “It's a dream come true. Starting out in Staten Island and ending up here is cool. I started out as a Pepsi Sound Drop artist.”