Director James Wan Confirms 'Conjuring 3’

Director James Wan Confirms 'Conjuring 3’

It was a “Conjuring” reunion at Comic-Con! Vera Farmiga was there to promote “Godzilla: King of the Monsters,” while Patrick Wilson and James Wan were in town for “Aquaman."

“Extra” special correspondent was catching up with star Vera on the red carpet when Patrick crashed the interview for a quick hug.

After Wilson left, Danielle asked if there was a new “Conjuring” installment on the way. Vera said, “I hope so. I think there is a third one coming.”

Shortly after, director James Wan crashed the interview, too, confirming “Conjuring 3” is a go. “Yes, it is,” he said before taking off.

Robay followed up with Wan a few minutes later, and he revealed a little more about what’s in store.

"We are still working on the script for it, but we have a script we are super excited about. I actually really like the direction of this script, it is a bit different than the first two movies in that it isn’t necessarily a haunted house story. We’ve done that, been there, we’ve got to find something different."

When asked if the same cast will return, he said, "I hope so. TBD."

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