At Universal Studios Hollywood

Tori Spelling Gives Update on Her Kids

Reality star Tori Spelling is heading back to TV!

“Extra’s” guest co-host Mark Steines sat down with Tori at Universal Studios Hollywood, where she opened up about life with husband Dean McDermott and their children.

Tori shared, “Good, really good, yeah, madness with five kids.”

Spelling recently took to social media to reveal that son Beau was “stabbed” by four nails in an arcade room during a stay at the Four Seasons. Of his health, she commented, “He’s okay, he’s good… I had a moment as a mom… I went to social media on behalf of other mama bears. I was like, 'I’m gonna be a voice.' It was scary for a moment and everything is fine, everyone was great.”

On a lighter note, Tori also shared a sweet story about her kids getting their ears pierced. Son Liam wanted to get his ears pierced, which she wasn’t expecting! The 45-year-old said, “Liam, who is my 11-year-old, was like, ‘Mom, why aren’t you asking me if I want to get my ear pierced?’ which is so interesting and I didn’t even think of it. He said, ‘Is it 'cause I am a boy? Why can’t a boy get his ear pierced?’ I thought, 'Why can’t a boy get his ear pierced?' So he ended up getting his ear pierced because I didn’t have a reason.”

Tori is working with her hubby Dean on the newest “Sharknado 6.” She gushed, “It’s so nice, and that's why Dean and I liked doing reality TV for so long — we got to work together every day. It's so great getting to work with your partner…They let us do some fun improv, play husband and wife.”

Tori was on hand to promote her show “The Look: All Stars,” which she is hosting. She smiled, saying, “I get my little 'commen-Tori' in there.” Of the show, Tori dished, “I call it a hair to toe makeover — it’s everything! It’s a trifecta. I really believe, as a women, it's all about the complete look. And it is.”

As for why it is different from other shows, Tori explained, “This one’s the whole thing: 'How do you look? How does it all go together?'"