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Terrifying New Video of George Clooney’s Accident

Terrifying New Video of George Clooney’s Accident

The moment George Clooney’s scooter collided with another vehicle in Italy was caught on video.

Corriere TV posted the scary footage. While there is a time code partially covering the accident, it appears that a vehicle was stopped in the oncoming lane where Clooney hit it head-on. Watch!

The driver of the other vehicle, Antonello Viglino, has shared his side of the story. He told DailyMail.com, "I didn't see anything, I had the sun on my eyes. I was about to turn, I just got over the line."

According to TMZ, Clooney was riding the scooter at 60 mph when a car reportedly pulled right in front of him near Costa Corallina in Sardinia. Clooney, who was wearing a helmet, was thrown from the scooter and flew 20 feet in the air.

Photogs were able to snap pics of the car, which had a broken windshield. Clooney was also seen being treated on the side of the road before being transported to a hospital.

DailyMail.com reports Clooney's helmeted head smashed into the windshield. A source told the site, "The accident happened in a very tourist area, so at that time there was not much traffic. Those who saw it will have probably thought of a normal accident also because Clooney's scooter is a normal scooter, there are lots of them around."

Clooney did not sustain life-threatening injuries and was discharged from the hospital the same day, leaving with wife Amal. Though he had no fractures, there was reportedly trauma to his pelvis, hip, and knee, which should heal in three weeks.

His rep confirmed the accident to “Extra,” saying, “George was treated and released from an Olbia Hospital. He is recovering at home and will be fine.”

Clooney was reportedly on his way to the set of a TV series he's directing, based on the Joseph Heller classic "Catch-22.”