Roseanne Barr Talks ‘Really Good Offer’ to Return to TV

Roseanne Barr Talks ‘Really Good Offer’ to Return to TV

Troubled comedian Roseanne Barr could be back on TV soon.

In the second part of of her conversation with friend Rabbi Shmuley Boteach — recorded shortly after ABC canceled Season 2 of "Roseanne" in May over her racist tweet about former Barack Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett — the star revealed she had fielded numerous offers.

"I've already been offered so many things and I almost already accepted one really good offer to go back on TV and I might do it. But we'll see," Barr said in the conversation.

Since the recording of the interview, ABC has ordered a 10-episode spin-off of "Roseanne" called “The Conners” (working title) starring John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Sara Gilbert, Lecy Goranson and Michael Fishman.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Barr has the rights to spin-offs and revivals of the “Roseanne” characters, but Barr told Rabbi Boteach, "I didn't ask to be paid off. I asked for nothing. I just stepped away from that — that is penance. I put a lot of thought into it."

ABC also confirmed in a statement, “Roseanne Barr will have no financial or creative involvement in the new series.”

In the first part of her conversation with the rabbi, Barr apologized for the tweet, saying, “I didn’t mean what they think I meant. And that’s what’s so painful. But I have to face that it hurt people. When you hurt people, even unwillingly, there’s no excuse. I don’t want to run off and blather on with excuses. But I apologize to anyone who thought, or felt offended and who thought that I meant something that I, in fact, did not mean. It was my own ignorance, and there’s no excuse for that ignorance.”