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Kandi Burruss’s Daughter Lost Over 50 Pounds — See Her Weight-Loss Transformation!

Kandi Burruss’s Daughter Lost Over 50 Pounds — See Her Weight-Loss Transformation!

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss is one proud mom!

On Thursday, Kandi gushed about daughter Riley, who has lost 52 pounds. Along with before-and-after pics, she wrote on Instagram, “I’m so proud of my baby @rileyburruss! Last year (around September I think) Riley decided to get serious about being fit. With the help of her trainer @iamthekingoffitness she’s lost 52lbs!!!! & she did it the right way by working out 5 days a week & watching her calorie intake.”

Burruss also used the opportunity to bash body shamers, writing, “Y’all just don’t understand how hard it is to grow up in front of the public eye & in front of social media trolls who make negative comments about kids weight. Luckily Riley has tough skin & doesn’t let it bother her but as her mom it used to piss me off when trolls would make negative comments about her size.”

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“Nobody knew she was over 200lbs because my daughter is tall. She’s 5’9. & to be honest she wouldn’t tell anybody how much she weighed but now she proudly shares it because she wants to motivate other people who are going thru the Weightloss struggle,” Kandi continued. “Riley is still working out 5 days a week. I’m so proud of her dedication. Now she doesn’t need help to stick to it because she’s got that self discipline that I don’t even have... Riley wants to help other young people get fit & help them thru the challenges she faced.”

Riley showed her appreciation of the support, writing, “My journey is not over. I have larger goals I am trying to reach and I hope everybody follows me throughout my journey. I’ve been seeing peoples comments about them struggling with weight loss. I know the struggle & its real. But it can be done.”