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Gwen Stefani Gushes About Blake Shelton’s Support at Las Vegas Show

Gwen Stefani Gushes About Blake Shelton’s Support at Las Vegas Show

Gwen Stefani is taking over Las Vegas, kicking off her residency at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

“Extra’s" Mark Wright sat down with Gwen, who was happy with her first performance of "Gwen Stefani — Just a Girl." She commented, “Everybody’s heart was in it.”

Her boyfriend Blake Shelton made time to attend the show while shooting blind auditions for “The Voice.” She said, “He’s part of my journey, it was amazing that he was there… He was like, ‘I’m gonna make it, whatever I do… I’m not going to miss it.' He was so serious about it.”

Gwen sang her biggest hits during the 100-minute performance, including “Make Me Like You,” which she belted in a cowboy outfit. "Standing in that cowgirl outfit in front of Blake” was her favorite part of the night, she confessed, adding, "That part of the show is my super love note, my, 'I am so grateful, this is how much you influenced me and gave me life.'”

When Mark pointed out the audience goes on a journey during the show, Gwen got candid about how all of her music has mirrored her life, saying, “The songs that I have written have been really clearly, like, 'This is what happened...' I just write a song about it, and that’s been my way to heal. A lot of the music I have written has been about heartbreak, really, unfortunately.”

“'This Is What the Truth Feels Like,' that was such an amazing record for me," she said. "It started off as writing a song that was all about anger and betrayal and pain, and then within eight weeks that I was writing it, my life switched over to falling in love… It went from this to that."

That switch is paying off artistically, with Gwen noting, "The show kind of does that as well.”

“Gwen Stefani — Just a Girl” runs through mid-March 2019 at the Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Learn more here.