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Travis Barker Hospitalized

On Monday night, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker was cleared to leave the hospital where he was being treated for blood clots.

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Less than a day later, Barker was readmitted. TMZ reports that the 42-year-old is also battling a staph infection and cellulitis, a skin infection.

According to the site, Travis has been placed on blood thinners and doctors are trying to prevent the clots from traveling to his heart or lungs.

Last week, Barker tweeted, “Blood clots in both arms and a staff infection wasn’t the news I was hoping for. I’ll be back soon, thanks for all the love & prayers 🙏🏻.”

Due to his health, Blink-182 has been forced to cancel upcoming shows in their residency at The Palms in Las Vegas.