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Jack Wagner Weighs In on His Ex, Heather Locklear

Jack Wagner Weighs In on His Ex, Heather Locklear

Along with promoting his new Hallmark movie “Wedding March 4: Something Old, Something New,” Jack Wagner opened up to “Extra’s” Mario Lopez about his former co-star and fiancée Heather Locklear at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Heather is currently hospitalized after a family member called 911 to report that she was threatening to kill herself. The hospitalization comes after she was arrested for domestic violence and assault on a police officer.

Wagner played Locklear's longtime love on “Melrose Place” before the two started dating in 2007. He revealed, “Listen, we all have our struggles and our issues. There’s no one that can say we don’t. So Heather’s in my prayers. I love her and her family and I just hope that she can really dig in and turn her life around."

He continued, “I love her to death and I just pray for the best for her and her family."

In “Wedding March 4: Something Old, Something New,” the 58-year-old reunites with another member of the “Melrose Place” family, Josie Bisset. In the franchise, Jack and Josie play two college sweethearts who reconnect over two decades later, saying, “All of a sudden he owns this wedding lodge. Josie Bisset plays Olivia, I play Mick, and she comes up with her daughter to the wedding lodge to have her wedding and here I am 25 years later. They see each other and it’s a drop-the-platter moment.”

The two characters fall back in love, with Jack pointing out about the premise of the fourth movie, “Here we are doing our fourth movie 'cause they've reunited and now they run the wedding lodge.”

“Wedding March 4: Something Old, Something New” premieres June 23.