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Giorgio Armani Celebrity Makeup Artist Tim Quinn’s Favorite Summer Makeup Trends

Giorgio Armani Celebrity Makeup Artist Tim Quinn’s Favorite Summer Makeup Trends

Looking for a fresh look this summer? Be sure to stop by the Armani BOX at the Topanga Nordstrom in Canoga Park this month. The beauty pop-up shop is offering personalized makeup consultations and special events through July 1.

If you’re not in the L.A. area, we’ve got you covered! caught up with Giorgio Armani Beauty’s Celebrity Face Designer Tim Quinn to find out his favorite summer makeup trends.

Quinn told us, “Beautiful, glowing skin will never go out of style for summer. Creating that perfect, no-makeup glow takes some time. No matter what, start with skincare and SPF. I use Armani UV Primer with SPF 50 as the base to any summer application.”

He continued, “To even skin tone, and keep that lightweight feeling, apply a foundation with a brightening finish, like Luminous Silk Foundation. Finally, I am loving the new A-Line Blush, Highlighter and Contour for simple, fresh glowing skin. Simply apply dots along the cheeks and cheekbones and massage with a blender or your fingers.”

Now, it’s time for a pop of color. “If you’re looking for a bit of impact, nothing says summer like a bright, bold lip,” Tim said. “The days are longer, and the rosé flows, so be sure to use a lip that lasts. I love the new Lip Vibes Collection from Armani Beauty. For a bright pink, try Lip Maestro 519, or a bold purple, Lip Maestro 520.”


Quinn explained why the pop-up on Topanga is so special, revealing that fans can meet Uri, Armani’s famous, full-size gorilla prop, adding, “There are also wonderful makeup artists here who are ready to teach tricks on makeup application, share the new products, and color match you for your perfect foundation.

The Armani BOX is located at 21725 Victory Blvd, Canoga Park, CA, and open through July 1 from 10 am - 9 pm, Monday - Saturday, and 10am - 7pm, Sunday.

On June 23, Armani Beauty welcomes Teni Panosian to the store to share tricks for mastering the “no makeup, makeup” look with the new Neo Nude Collection. Teni will be at the Armani BOX from 2 pm - 4 pm.