Milo Ventimiglia Says Fans Will See 'The Creation of Jack' Next Season on 'This Is Us'

Milo Ventimiglia Says Fans Will See 'The Creation of Jack' Next Season on 'This Is Us'

“Extra’s” Terri Seymour caught up with Milo Ventimiglia on the Vancouver set of his new movie, “Art of Racing in the Rain.”

Before dishing on the film, based on a New York Times bestseller, Milo gave Terri the scoop on Season 3 of NBC's “This Is Us.”

So what's next for Jack after all the tragedy and heartbreak? Milo said the main thing fans want to know is, “Are you still on the show?” and “When are you coming back? The answers are yes, on Sept. 25.

Ventimiglia went on to explain what's in store. "Looking at where we left a lot of the characters… there's going to be a lot of journeys... a lot of discovery. I know Jack, we're going to see a different side of him as an individual, but also where he and Rebecca are in their early journey together as a young couple, before the kids."

He described it as their “early love story,” adding that the plot will also reveal “the creation of Jack.”

Fans will see “what impacted Jack as a young man... particularly in his Vietnam War days. That's the idea we're going to go back to Vietnam and see some of that."

For now, he’s filming “The Art of Racing in the Rain, a movie he says is “about this man who has this dog and his dog is his best friend… and his dog narrates the story… and is observing him going through the trials of life racing a car as well as meeting a woman falling in love getting married having a baby.”

He revealed he isn’t racing too much on the big screen. “The racing is kind of like, we'll let the professionals handle a lot of that stuff.” Milo continued, “It's beautiful and it's heroic and exciting.”

Racing aficionado and fellow actor Patrick Dempsey is a producer on the movie. Milo said, “He actually took me out for a hot lap around the track, and we're going 140-50-60 miles an hour around a track in a very fast Porsche, so it's exciting.”