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Whoa! Kelly Preston Knew John Travolta Was the One When She Was a Teenager

Whoa! Kelly Preston Knew John Travolta Was the One When She Was a Teenager

It was a big night for John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston as they premiered their new film “Gotti” in NYC.

“Extra” caught up with John and Kelly, who revealed the secret to their marital success after 27 years. Travolta said, “We always try to update each other about what we need and what we want. Keep it fresh.”

Kelly pointed out, “Here's the thing. I actually had a perception when I was 15 that I would be with him. I knew that I would be with him. Then it was how and why, and then we ultimately got together, which was really amazing.” She added, “I think just communicate. Keep it fun.”

In the movie, John takes on the role of mob boss John Gotti, while Kelly plays his wife Victoria Gotti. John shared, “It was so long in the waiting to do. FIve years of prep, really. Investigation and all sorts of research. It all came together.”

John emphasized of Gotti's historical significance, “He's the last American gangster.”

Legendarily light on his feet, Travolta recently showed off his moves with 50 Cent while they danced to the rapper's hit “Just a Lil Bit” in Cannes. John commented, “He flew all the way from L.A. to Cannes, France, to hang with me. And I thought, 'How am I going to hang with him with all that we have to do?' So I thought the best way to hang with him is to make a beeline to the stage and just dance… And he was so welcoming and warm. He loved it. I loved it.”

“Gotti” is in theaters today.